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Carol is an full grown believed to be female B&G Macaw. She is tame but must choose you. She enjoys head scratches from the people she loves.
Buddy is an fullgrown B&G Macaw who must choose his new human.
Hootie is an full grown Nobel Macaw. He is hand tame but you must earn his trust. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE OCTOBER 2017
Lily is an fully grown hand tame Lovebird. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE OCTOBER 2017
Dusty is an fully grown Dusky Conure. he is hand tame and enjoys head scratches and being on your shoulder.
Nikki is an fullgrown Umbrella Cockatoo. Nikki must choose her new humans. She has her own tastes just as we do. She does pluck and caused a small sore on her chest so she is in a soft collar right now.
Big Bird is an older Bluefront Amazon. He has spine and foot deformities but does not realize he has any problems. Big Bird is looking for a human to call his own. He would like to live in a good quiet setting where he will be loved.
Lexi is an fullgrown Jardines parrot who is a total sweetheart with women. We are still trying to determine if he does not like men or just didn't like the man in his previous home. He has a beak deformity that will require beak trims by a veterinarian. This picture shows how it overgrows and why it will need frequent trims.
Cosmo is an full grown Meyers parrot. He is hand tame but you must earn his trust. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE OCTOBER 2017
Vacca is an full grown Yellow Collar macaw. He is tame and goes to most anyone.
Sadie is an fully grown female B&G Macaw. She has some trust issues but seems eager to learn and make friends. She does pluck but is a gorgeous girl.
Pop Pop is a believed to be male B&G Macaw. He is tame and precious and looking for his new family
Buddy is an fullgrown Brown Throat Conure. He is tame but can have a bit of an attitude.
This is a bonded pair of nanny conures, sex unknown. They must be adopted together. Both are tame and precious.
Roxie is an adultt Sun Conure who is a new intake. More details to follow later.
Merlin is an full grown Blue Crown Conure. He is very precious and loving to most everyone.
Rainbow is a Mobrella Cockatoo is lovable and tame. She loves to say her name, Rainbow Rainbow
Olive is an fully grown Red Lored Amazon whose Mom's health forced her to give her up. She takes a little bit to warm up to you but is adorable once she does.
Sunshine is a adorable Red-Lored Amazon. She has only had one previous owner who loved her very much.
EXOTIC BIRD EXTRAVAGANZA Presented by the Florida West Coast Avian Society Inc a (C)(). Proceeds from this event allow the FWCAS to () educate the public about the joys and responsibilities of parrot ownership and () provide financial support to Parrot Rescue Adoption and Sanctuary organizations in this area. Sunday May st - am to pm Potter Building (Sarasota Fairgrounds) Ringling Blvd Sarasota...
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